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Check for missing citations quickly and easily with originality reports

Originality reports use the power of Google Search to help students properly integrate external inspiration into their writing – while making it easy for instructors to check for potential plagiarism.


Help students turn in their best work

  • Enable students to check their own work for recommended citations up to three times before submitting

  • Help students learn to build on outside ideas and properly incorporate them into their work

  • Run originality reports in multiple languages.

  • Coming soon Backfill results for your school’s corpus of work in originality reports.


Compare student work without compromising privacy

  • Compare student-to-student matches against your domain-owned repository of past work when you sign up for the Teaching and Learning Upgrade or Google Workspace for Education Plus

  • Admins can add or delete files from the school repository manually

  • You always own your data — it’s our responsibility to keep it more secure

  • Coming soon Support for Microsoft Word documents in originality reports.

Learn about access to originality reports

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals

Instructors using Classroom and Assignments in Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals can enable up to five originality reports per class at no cost.

Teaching and Learning Upgrade and Education Plus

Instructors with the Teaching and Learning Upgrade or Education Plus licenses get unlimited originality reports and the ability to make student-to-student comparisons on your domain-owned repository of past submissions.


Explore resources to get up and running

Discover helpful resources to assist you with originality reports and get helpful answers to common questions on originality reports.

Use originality reports with Classroom

Access originality reports through Classroom, a tool that helps students and teachers organize assignments, boost collaboration, and foster better communication.

Use originality reports with Assignments

Do you have another learning management system? Access originality reports through Assignments, an add-on application for your LMS to distribute, analyze, and grade student work.

Student hands typing on a Chromebook. On screen, we see a student working on an essay with flagged passages on the right column.

Get unlimited access to originality reports with the Teaching and Learning Upgrade and Education Plus

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