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Innovating Pedagogy

Motivated teachers have more engaged classes, and streamlining administrative tasks can help them focus more time on teaching. Globally, teachers spend three hours a day on work-related tasks like grading and lesson planning, compared to five hours per day actually teaching lessons.

3 hoursof a teacher’s day, on average, is spent on tasks such as grading and lesson planning.

Cambridge Assessment International Education, 2018

53%of teachers in Spain say technology allows for collaborative work between teachers.

Blink Learning, 2018

88%of UK teachers say educational technology enables pedagogical innovation and improves educational quality.

Tes, 2018

Innovating Pedagogy

A conversation with Anneli Rautiainen

Head of Innovation Unit, Finnish National Board

Anneli Rautiainen

How do you see professional development evolving over the next 10 years?

Professional development needs to be continuous and part of everyone’s work in the future. Teachers and principals should have an individual professional learning plan, which would include self-reflection and peer reflection. Capabilities will become even more important than knowledge in the fast moving world in the future. Online learning will be evolving. Learning will take place in learning communities, which can be global or local.

Describe effective classroom innovation in 10 words or less.

Effective classroom innovation has been co-created by or with students.

What foundational pieces must be in place for schools and educators to effectively innovate their classroom instruction?

A collaborative school culture must be in place. Teachers and students form a learning community, where learning is continuous and knowledge is being shared. Principal’s task is to build possibilities for the learning communities to meet and work together.

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